Ethical Code

The Health, Safety and Environmental policy

Day-to-day operations are governed by the Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy. This Policy
endeavours to ensure that all operations are carried out in a manner which:

  • Ensures the protection of human life, safety, health and welfare of employees and other people affected by Company activities;

  • Gives due regard to the protection and preservation of the environment; the energy efficiency achievement, the fuel consumption and the environmental impact reduction are part of this environmental policy;

  • Complies with, or exceeds, all relevant international, national and local laws and regulations which relate to health, safety and protection of the environment;

  • Ensures that commercial or economic factors shall not take influence over matters relating to health, safety or environmental protection, and the first shall never have priority over the second ones.

  • Promotes the dialogue and debate with all stakeholders accounting for their respective needs and establishing appropriate participation tools/means for participation; communicates in transparent fashion the performance of company activities;

  • all identified risks to ships, personnel and environment are assessed and appropriate safeguards are established with the purpose to avoid accidents;

  • Continuous improvement of personnel skills in both Company and on board;

  • The preparation for emergency is one of our Company objectives;

  • Define and review objectives and improvement programs, guarantee the availability of information and resources for their implementation, conduct checks, inspections and audits to assess performance, subject the policy to periodic review so as to evaluate its effectiveness and adopt appropriate measures in response.

In order to implement this policy, our Company endeavours to ensure that both vessels and support facilities are and suitably trained seafarers and insists on a commitment from all employees to maintain the highest manned by qualified, medically fit standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

Personnel employed in the offices and seafarers on board are all invited to identify potentially unsafe or unsound procedures, equipment or practices and to bring them to the attention of a responsible person and/or Safety Committee on board the vessel. Safety is the responsibility of all personnel on board: after bringing the matter to the attention of a responsible person aboard, any person who feels that safety is still compromised, should inform Company Designated Person Ashore (DPA), whose contacts 24/7 are posted and available on board.

It is the responsibility of the Master to ensure that all crew personnel on board adhere to this policy, as it is that of the Employer within the office space. The Master has the overriding authority and responsibility to take any decision with respect towards safety and pollution prevention.

The Company Policy, for crew members, on board of managed vessel is to be in -ALCOHOL FREE CONDITION

CONDITIONWe continuously work on improving both safety management of personnel ashore and safety awareness aboard ships, including emergency preparation.

This policy shall be reviewed at regular intervals, amended, and updated when necessary to ensure its effectiveness.

Genoa, September 12th, 2018

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