Is online purchasing safe?
Yes, this site adopts data protection criteria to make your purchase safe. The payment is settled by Banca Sella. Your credit card data is encrypted when transmitted from your computer to the bank’s payment gateway, and cannot be intercepted. To create this encrypted channel, the bank’s payment gateway has an SSL3 certificate at 128 bits, issued by Verisign, the leading global authentication authority. Furthermore, this site adheres with Verified by Visa and Secure Code, security protocols developed by Visa and MasterCard, respectively. If you have a certified card from one of these two international circuits, you are asked to enter your password at the moment of purchase, thereby allowing your bank to definitively identify you. Nonetheless, even if you do not have a certified card, you can make a purchase online with all of the security criteria listed above.
What are the payment methods included in the online payment system?
The method of payment intended by the BluNavy on-line booking system from Banca Sella are:
-Payment by Credit Card or Pre-payed Card of the Master Card and/or VISA circuit (we do not accept American Express Credit Cards)
-Masterpass, if you own the codes of the Master Card circuit
-MyBank – immediate, online bank transfer: this method of payment allows you to pay on-line, directly from your current account without any registration or sensitive Data sharing.
To conclude the payment, just click on “MyBank”, and write the name of your bank, (if it is in accord with MyBank), and you will be redirected to your Internet Banking service, where you can log in and pay as usual. Info at
-TIM PERSONAL: Mobile method of payment. Informations and details at .
-The Banca Sella account holders, are allowed to pay by HYPE (Banca Sella pre-payed card) and bank transfer.
Is there a charge for online purchases?
No, there are no additional charges.
When can I purchase online?
Online tickets can be purchased up to 1 hour prior to the departure time.
Can I purchase tickets for any type of vehicle online?
Tickets can only be purchased online at ordinary tariffs and round-trip tickets for automobiles, campers, minibuses, motorcycles, caravans and trailers. To purchase tickets for any other type of vehicle, such as commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses, please contact our Call Centre, ticket offices or through the email address in the Contacts section.
I booked a trip with Blu Navy online. How do I receive the ticket?
The ticket is automatically sent from our booking system to the email address indicated during the booking process. If you do not receive the ticket, please contact our Call Centre or send an email to the address in the Contacts section.
I am entitled to a “Native”, “Resident” or “Second Home” tariff. Can I buy my ticket online and print it at home?
The owners of second homes who have a “Second Home” card can buy their tickets online. To purchase tickets for other discounted tariffs, please contact our Call Centre or visit a ticket office.
I received a discount code. How can I purchase the ticket?
You must book your ticket online from our site, entering the code that was sent in the specific field. By clicking on the button, you can see the discounted tariffs that are available to you.
Are tickets purchased online through the Blu Navy site considered an invoice?
No. You cannot receive an invoice for tickets purchased on the site. An invoice can be requested only through the Call Centre or at a ticket office. The invoice is issued at the same time as the tickets. Therefore, it is not possible to request it after the online purchase has been made.
Must the passenger names and vehicle plate numbers be exact?
Yes. For the booking procedure to be correct, it is vital that the data and type of vehicle are correct. It is possible to modify the ticket data by contacting the Call Centre or through a ticket office.
I have to change the data for a Blu Navy ticket purchased online (e.g., departure date, vehicle type, etc.). How can I do so?
To change your ticket, contact the Call Centre or a ticket office prior to the maximum time allowed for boarding. Changes to issued tickets could result in differences in tariffs. There are no charges for changes to vehicle plate numbers or passenger names.
I want to cancel the Blu Navy ticket I purchased online. How can I do so? And how do I receive a reimbursement?
You must contact the Call Centre or an official ticket office prior to the designated departure. Only tickets issued at ordinary tariffs can be reimbursed, after any fees that are due, provided that they are cancelled at least 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the scheduled departure. Following a cancellation that includes reimbursement, a form will be sent to you that will request your IBAN number in order to send a bank transfer for the reimbursement due.
What telephone numbers may be useful to me?
Our Call Centre number: +39 0565-269710
Can I bring my dog/cat on-board Blu Navy ferries with me?
Yes. You can bring your pet on-board. Dogs and cats are allowed solely on the external bridges of the ferry. With the purchase of the relative ticket, each passenger is allowed to transport a maximum of one pet. Dogs must be muzzled and leased or, alternatively, they must stay inside an appropriate carrier. Cats must be kept in a carrier.
My car is particularly tall. Do I have to pay a higher tariff?
No. Cars for which the maximum height of 1.80 metres is surpassed by accessories such as bicycles, parcels, canoes, sports equipment, roof racks, etc., are not required to make an additional fee. However, during booking, the customer must indicate that there is “added height” to assist with the boarding process.
How should I calculate the actual length of my vehicle?
You can use the length of the vehicle that is indicated on its registration documents and add the length of any tow hooks, drawbars, or other additional protrusions. For example, if you have a canoe on the roof that is longer than your car, the tariff is based on the longer measurement.
My car is fuelled by methane. Do I have to notify Blu Navy?
Yes. Methane-powered vehicles must be declared at the time of boarding to on-board personnel and must have an empty or half-empty tank.
When I purchase a ticket, do I have to provide the details of all of the persons travelling on the same ticket?
If the booking is at an ordinary tariff, only the data for the person who made the booking is required, both first and last names. However, bookings at discounted tariffs are subject to document checks at ticket counters and boarding points.
Must I present a paper ticket?
Not necessarily. You can present the ticket in the digital format (PDF file) you received when you purchased from the site or the Call Centre. Hence, it is sufficient to show the ticket on your device (tablet or smartphone) to the personnel checking tickets at the time of boarding.
How far in advance of the departure time should I arrive at the boarding points?
Passengers without a vehicle must be present at check-in at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, while Passengers with a vehicle must be there at least 30 minutes in advance, unless the relevant authorities issue other instructions. Passengers arriving after this deadline may lose their booking and their boarding cannot be guaranteed. Vehicles are not boarded based on the time at which they arrive, rather on the instructions issued by the Captain of the ferry and/or his/her subordinates, and vehicles may be arranged on any of the ferry’s bridges.
What happens if I do not arrive in time for boarding?
The ticket is valid only for the specified route, and changes to the date or time of ordinary tickets will be accepted provided that they are requested before the deadline for check-in, or 15 minutes for passengers without cars and 30 minutes for passenger with cars. In addition, changes are permitted only after availability is verified and payment for any tariff differences is made. Hence, we advise you to notify our Call Centre as quickly as possible should you have difficulties arriving at the boarding point by the company’s required deadline. The Call Centre will arrange transport on the next available ferry upon payment of any tariff differences.
How do I know which is my boarding pier?
The terminals in Piombino and Portoferraio have specific signage with boarding instructions, and land-based personnel on the quays can provide information regarding boarding piers. Alternatively, you can always contact the Call Centre on the day of departure to get information on the boarding pier designated for the Blu Navy ferry.
Can I transport baggage if I am not travelling?
No, for security reasons, baggage, or more generally, parcels cannot be accepted on-board unless they are accompanied by a travelling passenger. This is consistent with national and EU security laws.
I changed my car after purchasing a ticket. What can I do?
You can modify the data for your car through the Call Centre or at an official ticket office. In accordance with security regulations, the vehicle plate numbers indicated on tickets must correspond to the boarding vehicle. If they do not, the authorities responsible for controls may refuse to allow the vehicle through the port gates or to board. The transaction is free of charge.
How do I immobilise the vehicle in the ferry’s hold?
The vehicle must be parked with the hand brake and the gear engaged and any alarm or electronic anti-theft systems must be deactivated.
Must I make any particular manoeuvre with my car and/or camper to enter in the ferry’s hold?
No, simply follow the instructions of the on-board and land-based personnel.
Is it true that I can no longer disembark once I have boarded the ferry?
Yes, for security reasons. For the same reasons, you, along with your baggage or your car, may be checked by on-board personnel. This is consistent with national and international security laws.
Where can I find information once on-board?
In the ferry’s reception area, you will find our on-board attendants, who are available for all your requests.
Are there food and beverage services on-board?
Yes, near the centre of the ferry you can find a bar that provides drinks and food on every route.
Are there entertainment services for children on-board?
The televisions show animated cartoons, and our attendants will provide colouring books for our smallest guests.
Where can I leave valuable items?
You can leave valuable items with the ferry’s Captain free of charge, including jewellery and cash, as long as they are not cumbersome.
Where can I smoke?
Smoking is permitted only on the external bridges or in outside areas of the ferry, unless expressly forbidden for transportation security reasons. You are not permitted to smoke in any of the closed areas of the ferry, as these are covered by the regulations inherent in Italian Law no. 3 of 16 January 2003.
Who should I speak to if I am not feeling well?
There is no doctor available to passengers on-board. If you need assistance, please contact the personnel in reception or the Captain. If necessary, they will immediately contact emergency services at the destination port. The Company does not accept Passengers that require medical assistance during the trip unless they are accompanied by authorised doctors or paramedics. Passengers with a serious illness, Passengers who present a danger to the safety of the trip, or who present a danger for other individuals on-board, are permitted to board only if they have a medical certificate stating that the passenger does not require medical assistance during the trip. The Company has the right to board said Passenger declining all related responsibility.

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