Bonifacio is a fortified village built around a small fjord, encompassed by limestone cliffs. Due to its strategic location, it was repeatedly attacked over the course of its history. Today it is a highly popular tourist destination, both for its beaches as well as for its historical centre.


Bonifacio and Surroundings

The Fortress

Lose yourself in the alleys that wind amidst ancient monuments built under the reign of the Republic of Genoa. The citadel, built overlooking the sea, offers breath-taking views.

Bonifacio’s Caves

These caves are an essential stop for anyone visiting Bonifacio for the first time. Boat trips depart every day and allows travellers to enjoy the white cliffs in all of their magnificence.


Useful Information

Tourist Office

Rue Fred Scaramoni 2 – 20169 Bonifacio
Tel: +33 4 95 73 11 88
Fax: +33 4 95 73 14 97


Getting Around on the Island

If you have chosen to take the Blu Navy ferry without a car, there are many options for getting about after disembarking in Bonifacio.

By bus
During the high season, a well-connected bus system links Bonifacio with the other towns on the island. Unfortunately, there is not a single company that manages all of them and finding information is not always easy. We advise you to check with the tourist office.

By taxi
Taxis are always available when the ferry arrives, in the landing area.

On Foot
The tourist office is a 10-minute walk from the ferry terminal, in the upper citadel. If you want to avoid the uphill climb, it will take about the same time to walk to Marina di Bonifacio, with its distinctive pubs and restaurants.

By bicycles
Southern Corsica is geographically less difficult, so you can find bike trails for all tastes. The real athletes can also find adventure inland, where the rugged Corsican mountains and high temperatures of summer provide a gruelling challenge.

Timetables from April 16th to September 30th

Schedules from Bonifacio

*Except for Saturday and Sunday

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